The Method II - Stanislovski - Concentration / Truth

The Stanislavski System  PART TWO
Interpreted by Sonia Moore


Psychologically influenced; an actor can’t pretend to think and feel, he/she must really do so.
Section A 
HOW TO : Find the Truth in the moment
Ask the following questions:

- Who am I ?
- What am I thinking ?
- With whom am I speaking, watching, or listening ?
- What am I here for ?  or why Am I here ?
Section B 

The physical Action must line up with the character and story and "truthful" emotion will follow 

The Bus Stop - Action focus

Point of Focus (POF) - Each actor should try and tell a beginning/middle/end to their story through actions chosen.

A. One bench on stage.

B. One Actor sits on the bench to begin.

C. The Actors get character suggestions as they head up on stage to join the scene.

D. One by One the other actors add themselves in to the scene until everyone waits.

E. Givens are added to the scene.

NOTE: Try to play without speaking first and justify the silence. GO FOR THE ACTION
Then add talking slowly.

Additional givens can come from playing/making sound effects during the scene.

Section C 

Excercise (with writing)
The Elevator
Same game as above but on the elevator.

A. Make sure to tape the elevator's shape on the floor with the door marked on the audience side.

B. Use a bell to denote entrances and exits.

C. Provide the character suggestion to the actors involved and give them a minute to write details for their character on a piece of paper. The have them throw the paper away and begin the scene.

D. Each actor must generate their own beginning middle and end to their character's journey and still hold the POF of the group in tact.


Section D 

ENTRANCES - (POF) - play ONLY the moment before.

Excercise 1

Perform a series of entrances

Before you enter make a strong choice about the following:

- Where you are coming from?

- What has happened to you before you arrive?

-Write all of the actions the character would go through with each given.

-Perform them in order.

Excercise 2


Enter the room to find:

- A letter calling off the engagement

- News of the death of a rich old aunt from whom you are due to inherit lots of money.

- A lost item

Make up more!


Section E 


Excercise 1

The teacher provides the scene (location and character)

The actor - Performs a series of exits

Before you exit make a strong choice about the following:

- Where are you off to?

- Why you leaving?
- What do you need to do (the actions!!!) before leaving?

-Write out the ACTIONS!!!

NOTE: An actor’s mind, will and emotions - the 3 forces responsible for our psychological life - must participate in the creation of a live human being on stage.



“Subconscious” - the uncontrolled complex of emotions; Stan found a way to control them through The PHYSICAL ACTION -
The essence of the whole system, and Stan’s creative heritage of the theatre (result of 40 yrs. work).

Keeping Focus and Concentrating only the "givens" and the "magic if" to decide on the ACTION...then let the emotion follow.

- The key to truthful emotional reactions
- Basis of focused creativity
- Solution to spontaneity on stage and fresh performance 

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