Method IV - Stanislavski - Emotional Memory and Recall

"To Be Or Not To Be..."

Finding Emotional Truth: The actor must strive to achieve a certain truth and honesty while on stage or the audience will cease to believe and thus be left to sit and watch unattached to the scene being played.

Looking back...
The Method pages up to this point have been teaching the actor how to warm-up. How to play (improvise) with all their options and find the logical and concrete action for the moment within the boundary of the givens. It shows the actor the benefits of choosing a dynamic  "how"(tactics) to achieve the objective (the "want"), and using a character appropriate speed/rhythm to accomplish them.

If we concentrate and focus on the choices that adhere to the givens of scene, the character and the action we should find that a truthful emotion comes naturally. 


"How do we play a scene, situation or character's objective that we have never experienced ourselves?" 

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